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Why Health Check Up

Why Health Check-up

In the past, people used to visit their doctor only when they were sick. Today, preventive health care has become routine as people are more aware and empowered about maintaining good health. People are proactively seeking medical advice on leading a healthy lifestyle. They are trying to actively lower the risk of diseases by exercising and maintaining a healthy weight and diet.

Regular check-ups can detect major health issues before they become serious. When people visit their doctor often, they will be able to spot diseases early. Early detection gives patients a better chance of getting the right treatment, thus avoid any complications. By getting the appropriate health check-up, screenings, and treatment you will lead a longer and healthier life.

The advantages of regular check-ups are as follows:
  • Reduce the risk of getting sick.
  • Detect potentially life-threatening diseases early.
  • Increase chances for treatment and cure.
  • Lower the risk of complications by monitoring existing conditions.
  • Increase lifespan and improve health.
  • Reduce healthcare costs over time by avoiding expensive medical services.
  • Develop a partnership with your doctor so the treatment can be smooth.
  • Become aware of new technologies in the medical field.
Who needs preventive check-ups?

Everybody must undergo a thorough health check-up annually. But you must go through one under the following circumstances:

  • When you are sick.
  • When you have a symptom that could mean illness.
  • To manage chronic or ongoing conditions.
  • To check on the effects of new medicines.
  • To help with risk factors like obesity or smoking.
  • For prenatal care, if you are pregnant.
  • For lifestyle issues and family planning.
  • For other reasons based on your individual needs.

At KIMS, you can choose from several health packages, for yourself or for your loved ones and right now we are offering a discount of 9% on all health packages.

1. KIMS Routine check-up

A routine health check-up helps in assessing your general health. It is an important step in preventing bigger issues. Our doctors will evaluate your state of well-being and give a diagnosis for any potential problems.

2. KIMS Executive Health check-up

As part of an executive health check-up, in addition to general consultation and physical examination we will carry out blood tests, a routine urine examination, body fat analysis and diet counseling, X-ray, ECG, dental consultation, and more.

3. KIMS Master check-up

Under master check-up, you will be undergoing a wide range of tests that include a routine blood test, blood sugar test (fasting and post prandial), lipid profile, liver function test, thyroid function test, routine urine test, and electrolytes. For women, we offer gynaecology consultation.

4. KIMS Diabetic Health Check

We have a health check-uppackage especially for diabetic patients. This package includes an extensive blood test, ECG, ultrasound scan – abdomen, PSA (for men)/PAP smear (for women), podiatry examination, ophthalmology examination, dental X-Ray and dental consultation, body fat analysis and diet counseling, and an overall physical examination.

5. KIMS Cardiac Health Check

For heart patients, we offer an exclusive health check-upthat involves ECG, TMT, ECHO Doppler, body fat analysis & diet counseling, cardiologist consultation, dental X-Ray + dental consultation, physician consultation, routine urine examination, and blood test.

6. KIMS Senior Citizen Health Check - Male

We have a dedicated health check-upfor senior citizens. For males, we will conduct a routine urine examination, ophthalmology consultation, audiogram and ENT consultation, cardiology consultation, an ultrasound scan of the abdomen, ECG, dental X-ray & dental consultation, and an extensive blood test.

7. KIMS Senior Citizen Health Check – Female

For female senior citizens, we carry out a thorough check-upthat includes mammography, ECG, ophthalmology consultation, audiogram and ENT consultation, cardiology consultation, an ultrasound scan of the abdomen, dental X-ray & dental consultation, and a comprehensive blood test.

8. KIMS Child Health Check-up

At KIMS you can have a complete health check-upof your child that include paediatric consultation, ophthalmology consultation, dental examination, TFT, a routine urine examination and blood test.

9. KIMS Well Women Check-up

For women, we have an all-inclusive check-upthat includes complete blood count, ESR, calcium, FBS, PPBS, lipid profile, TSH, renal panel, AST & ALT, bilirubin total, urine R/E, pap smear, mammogram, US-abdomen, ECG, dental X-ray & dental consultation, gynaecology consultation, and physician consultation.